Typical Dutch Food, Some of which are Inspiration for Indonesian Culinary

What comes to Sayurfriends’ mind when talking about typical Dutch food? One thing that might come to mind is Dutch food which inspired several typical Indonesian culinary delights. The Netherlands itself is a country that has a multitude of foods with a variety of flavors. Come on, take a peek at the various typical Dutch foods below.


Wentelteefjes can be said to be Dutch-style French toast. This food is made from white bread dipped in beaten egg, then the white bread is baked until the egg mixture is cooked. When served, the toast is topped with ground cinnamon, sugar and syrup. So, is it suitable to eat as breakfast?


When visiting the Netherlands, don’t forget to try stroopwafel. Stroopwafel is a pastry dish with a sweet taste, with a filling of sugar syrup between the waffle layers. The ingredients for making waffle dough are butter, yeast, powdered brown sugar, eggs and milk. These Stroopwafels are often sold by street vendors in the Netherlands. Stroopwafel is a type of cake that is popular in the Netherlands. Stroopwafel is made from a mixture of flour, eggs, yeast, milk, butter and brown sugar. The way it is served is between two thin layers of waffles filled with sweet syrup.


Appeltaart can be said to be one of the typical foods that is the pride of the Netherlands. This typical Dutch apple pie has a filling of sweet apple pieces, then combined with crunchy pastry all over the surface. To make the taste richer, it is usually added with ground cinnamon and ground raisins. Appeltaart is often eaten with whipped cream and a cup of coffee.

Zeeland Mussels

The first typical Dutch food that you must try is Zeeland Mussels or Zeeland Shells. This typical Dutch shellfish has meat with a dense texture and is known to be delicious. Zeeland mussels are usually enjoyed semi-steamed with wine and served with crusty bread. This dish is suitable to be enjoyed on a summer afternoon.


The next typical Dutch food that you must try is Croquettes. You and most other Indonesians are probably already familiar with this food, which in Indonesian is called kroket.

The Dutch call them croquettes. Croquettes are usually filled with meat or shrimp. The combination of creamy filling and crunchy taste makes this food a suitable companion to delicious drinks.


Pannenkoeken has been a staple food in the Netherlands for centuries. Pannenkoeken is made from buckwheat flour, eggs, milk and a pinch of salt. For toppings, they usually use bacon, salmon, cheese, apples, chocolate, powdered sugar and stroop which is a typical Dutch syrup.


Having a thick texture, erwtensoep is a soup made from green beans, potatoes, carrots, onions, celery and leeks. Usually erwtensoep is served with slices of smoked sausage, wheat, smoked bacon, cheese and butter.


Wentelteefjes is like the Dutch version of French toast which is usually eaten for breakfast or a snack. This food is made from bread dipped in a mixture of eggs, milk, sugar, cinnamon, and sometimes also with added cheese or fruit such as stroopwafel or apples https://www.nicolettissteakandpasta.com/.


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