Typical Arabic food with delicious spices makes you addicted

Typical Arabic food is synonymous with a fresh appearance, made from various spices and has an appetizing aroma. So it is not surprising that various dishes typical of this Oil Country are always able to satisfy their fans. Below are some dishes and snacks from Middle Eastern countries that can thrill the taste buds:

Malabari Paratha

This culinary dish with a unique name is a layered round bread that will melt when it enters your mouth. Served with curry, this food has its own pleasure. Not only curry, Malabari Paratha can also be eaten with other sauces. Because it offers delicious flavors, this typical Saudi Arabian dish is quite popular among culinary hunters in its home country. Malabari Paratha itself is a staple dish for expats in South India and is now popular among people living in the Kingdom.


Kebab is a meat dish that is famous for its delicious and appetizing taste. This food was originally only available in Saudi Arabia and is synonymous with countries in the Middle East. But, along with developments over time, it has begun to spread to various countries, such as Africa and Indonesia.

The cooking process can be grilled or grilled, but in some countries there are kebabs that are prepared by frying or stewing. Usually, the dish contains meat, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and onions. Can be eaten with chili sauce, tomato sauce, cheese and mayonnaise. Because kebabs have a savory and delicious taste, they are suitable for our people’s taste buds.


If you see the shape, maybe you will immediately think of pizza from Italy. However, what is different about Manakeesh or manaqish is the raw materials, namely wheat flour, honey and sugar which are shaped into flat rounds like pizza. Apart from that, there is olive oil and spices which are synonymous with typical Middle Eastern food.

Manakeesh also has different toppings from pizza in general, namely white cheese with a salty taste or ackawi type cheese. Apart from that, there is minced meat, tomato slices and spicy sauce. Guaranteed to taste no less delicious than regular pizza.


The first typical Saudi Arabian food that is interesting to try is falafel. Falafel is a food made from chickpeas, mixed with a little wheat flour and typical Mediterranean spices and processed by grinding, squeezing, making balls and then frying.

When served, falafel is usually wrapped in a flatbread called lafa. To mix falafel itself, lettuce, pickles, pickled vegetables, peas sauce or yoghurt sauce are usually added.


The next interesting typical Saudi Arabian food to try is hummus. Hummus is a typical Middle Eastern food made from bread flour, ground nuts, lentini, tahini or ground sesame seeds. Not only that, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic are complementary seasonings for Hummus.

This traditional Middle Eastern bread is often served with potatoes that have been previously baked.

Malabari Paratha

This typical Saudi Arabian food is quite famous in Indonesia. Malabari paratha is known as roti canai, roti maryam, or roti prata. Malabar Parotta is flat because it is made by twisting it until it is thin, then folding it and roasting it in oil.

For presentation, Malabar Parotta is usually served with goat or lamb curry with a savory taste read more.


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