Types of Wine You Must Know to Be Confident When Fine Dining

For connoisseurs, the sensation of the taste of wine feels special and is always sought after at banquets even though the price is quite hefty. For your information, the wine is not made with ordinary grapes, but the Vitis vinifera grape type, which has thick, small, sweet skin and contains seeds.

Wine made with one type of grape is a single-variety wine or varietal wine. Wine made with several different grapes is a blend wine. Usually wines are named after their place of origin for example Bordeaux Blend is a blend of several grapes, including Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, and originates from Bordeaux, France. For more details, here is a brief description of several common types of wine, Visit milano wine club.

Cabernet Sauvignon (Cab-er-nay Saw-vin-yawn)

Cabernet Sauvignon has flavors of black cherry, black currant, baking spices and cedar from the oak barrel. This wine is a full-bodied wine. Full-bodied wines usually have more tannins, higher alcohol levels, and have dark fruit flavors such as black currants. This wine is one of the most popular wines and goes well with beef, lamb, smoked meat, and aged-cheese or hard-cheese.

Syrah (Sear-ah)

Syrah has flavors of blueberry, plum, tobacco, meat, black pepper, and violet. This wine is a full-bodied wine. Syrah is commonly grown in the Rhône Valley in France and Australia. This wine has an intense fruit taste. Usually this wine is mixed with Grenache and Mourvèdre to make a red Rhône blend. Suitable combined with lamb, beef, smoked meat and hard cheese dishes such as Manchego.

Zinfandel (Zin-fan-dell)

Zinfandel has a variety of exotic fruit flavors from stone (nectarine), red (raspberry, sour cherry), blue (plum, blueberry), spice, and sweet tobacco. This wine is a medium-bodied to full-bodied wine. Medium-bodied wines are usually the most food-friendly. Originating from Croatia, this wine is suitable to be enjoyed with chicken, pork, cured meat, lamb, beef, barbecue, Italian, American, Chinese, Thai, Indian dishes, and firm cheeses such as Manchego.

Pinot Noir (Pee-no Nwar)

Pinot Noir has flavors of cherry, cranberry, rose, usually also notes of beet, rhubarb or mushroom. This wine is a light-bodied red wine with high acidity, a tanning color and a very soft aroma. This wine, which is usually grown in France, goes well with chicken, pork, veal, duck, cured meat, cream sauce, soft cheese, nutty medium-firm cheese such as Gruyère.

Price of Red Wine in Indonesia

Red wine is an alcoholic drink from fermented grapes that has been around for centuries. The types circulating in Indonesia usually refer to local red wine which is popularly called amer and red wine which has a bitter taste.

Brands commonly circulating in Indonesia are Orang Tua (amer) and Kawa-kawa red wine. If not consumed excessively, red wine is said to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. If you are interested in buying red wine online, you can check the price of red wine by following us for more Indonesia.

Complete Information About Red Wine

What is red wine?

Red wine is a type of drink resulting from fermented grapes that contains alcohol. The color of the drink can range from brick red to brown. Much of the red wine production process also involves extracting colors and flavors from the grapes themselves. The longer the fermentation time for this drink, the more fantastic the price will be.

What are the benefits of red wine?

Who would have thought that this drink has several good health benefits such as:

Kills bacteria in the oral cavity: A study from the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry in 2014 said that alcoholic red wine and grape juice can kill more bacteria in the mouth than water mixed with alcohol.

Reduces stress and depression: A study conducted by BMC Medicine in 2013 said that 2-7 glasses of red wine a week (at a dose of 150 ml per glass) can reduce stress and depression.

Lowers cholesterol: Red grapes contain procyanidin which can be heart healthy and lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol levels. But keep in mind that consuming this wine must be done in moderation.


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