Hypoglycemia or more commonly known as low blood sugar, is a common and dangerous problems faced by diabetics. The nice thing is that the symptoms revert to normal once the blood sugar level is normalized.

A number of facts
· A blood glucose level that falls below 65-70 mg/dl is as low blood sugar or hypoglycemia.
· 10 gm of glucose is going to raise the blood sugar level of an adult by 35 mg/dl and in kids 1.5 gm glucose/10Kg body weight will roughly increase the blood glucose level by 35mg /dl.
· Glucose lifts the blood sugar level within 15 minutes as well as the very high sugar level continues to increase for Glucotrust (bbjtoday.Com) another 45-60 minutes.
· A tablet of sugar is commonly of 3 gm glucose and much more successful compared to any other form of sugars or perhaps carbohydrate taken to increase the degree of glucose in blood.
· Glucose can’t be absorbed from stomach or mouth, and glucose given rectally as suppository won’t raise the sugar levels level of both an adult or a child.

7 months agoSteps to deal with hypoglycemia

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