Smuggling of 19 Thousand Ecstasy Pills to Dumai Thwarted by Sniffer Dogs

Dumai Customs Office, Riau, thwarted the smuggling of 19,516 ecstasy pills weighing 5.37 kg from Malaysia. The presence of the illicit goods was initially detected by sniffer dogs.
Head of Dumai Customs Information and Extension Services, S Mehandra, said that a passenger on the ship with the initials IT was arrested. The case was revealed on (8/9). The Customs and Excise team initially suspected IT, which often went back and forth from Dumai City to Malaysia.

The BC Enforcement Team became suspicious after IT recorded passengers on the Indomal Express 8 ship on the Malaka-Dumai route going back and forth through IT to Malaysia several times by buying tickets from Cengkareng to Kuala Lumpur.

The suspect with the initials IT entered Dumai City from Malaysia

«On September 8 2023, the suspect with the initials IT entered Dumai City from Malaysia. The Enforcement and Investigation Team and the K-9 Unit of the Riau DJBC Regional Office then checked all the items,» said Mahendra.

During the inspection, the sniffer dog was interested in a suitcase and plastic. X-Ray imaging results found anomalies in several snack packs.
Sure enough, when they checked, the team found ecstasy wrapped in ‘Mixed Nuts’ snack packaging. In the packaging, the yellow ecstasy is neatly packaged.

«After the examination (after being sniffed out by a sniffer dog) we found 6 packs of ecstasy mixed with snacks. The total weight was approximately 5.37 kg or the number of items was around 19,516,» he said.

Next, the suspect and evidence were handed over to Dumai Police investigators for further processing. Due to this action, the perpetrator violated article 114 paragraph 2 in conjunction with article 132 paragraph 2 of the Narcotics Law.

2 Couriers of 20 Kg of Shabu-30 Thousand Ecstasy from Riau Sentenced to Life in Life

The panel of judges at the Medan District Court (PN) sentenced two drug couriers from Riau to life imprisonment. The two men were found guilty of being involved in carrying 20 kg of methamphetamine and 30 thousand ecstasy pills.
«Sentenced the defendants Erwan Sahputra alias Iwan and Cituan alias Atik to life imprisonment,» said the Chief Judge, Denny Lumban Tobing when reading the verdict at the Medan District Court, Wednesday (winchesterrawstore).

This sentence is known to be lower than the prosecutor’s demands, which demanded that both of them be sentenced to death. Based on the verdict, the two defendants filed an appeal.
Quoting the official SIPP website, Cituan and Erwan were involved in distributing narcotics from Malaysia. Initially, this information was obtained when the North Sumatra Police Narcotics Directorate arrested Rahmatdani Nasution and received information about the existence of an Aceh-North Sumatra-Riau narcotics distribution network controlled by Allabis alias Awi.
Allabis is known to have sent the narcotics from Malaysia to Tanjungbalai using a fishing boat. When reviewed, the ship changed direction towards Bagan Siapi Api, Rokan Hilir Regency, Riau.


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