The History of Building With Two Haunted House

With such a good arrangement, the Café Batavia building is unique and antique. No wonder this cafe is one of the most popular cafes in Jakarta. The menu is also varied. Starting with western food, you can enjoy authentic Indonesian dishes here. With its classic atmosphere, Café Batavia is able to give a romantic impression. It is suitable for a date with a partner. This bridge is the oldest bridge in Indonesia. The Kota Intan Bridge was built in 1628 by the VOC government that was in power at that time. Kota Intan Bridge has changed its name according to the times.

You can start taking your baby to practice in the water or swimming pool after he has practiced outside. Even if you want to teach your toddler to swim quickly, you should consider how old and ready your child is.When teaching children to swim, it’s also crucial to be aware of various factors, including protection and safety. Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure that kids will find learning to swim entertaining and not uninteresting.

Select a time that works for you.
When teaching swimming, timing is crucial. Pick a time when you believe you will have enough time to practice swimming so that you can get in your workout. It takes much more time because it requires perseverance to educate or train children. (also examine: benefits of swimming for pregnant girls).

This port has been known since the 12th century and at that time became the most important port in Pajajaran. When the Muslim and European colonists entered Indonesia, the Kalapas were in dispute between the kingdoms of the archipelago and Europe. In the end, the Dutch mastered it for a long time, more than 300 years.These conquerors renamed the port of Kalapa and its vicinity. However, in the early 1970s, the old name Kalapa was again used as the official name of the old port in the form
of «Sunda Kelapa». When visiting this area, you can see the loading and unloading of large ships moored here. In the morning or evening, the port activity is even more beautiful against the backdrop of sunrise or sunset. Built in 1909, this building was designed by 2 Dutch architects, Hulsurt and Cuyoers.Located at Jalan Pintu Besar Utara No. 3. A symmetrical classical style building with a main facade and two side wings.

And the main building is flanked by two towers. Posts in classic Corinthian pattern with acantbus leaves. The plaster no longer repeats the plastic post pattern but incorporates the wall and sale frame pattern which is a decoration. In this museum there are 6 rooms consisting of a motion room, a theater room, a history room, a green contemplation room, a gold monetary room and a numismatic room. This place is the right choice as a means of educational tourism for children. To enter the Bank Indonesia Museum, you only need to spend 5,000 rupiah.


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