7 Types of Shellfish That are Safe to Eat, All of Which are Often a Luxury Menu in Restaurants

Like shellfish but don’t know what types of shellfish are safe to eat? Wow, it’s not wrong, my friend, to open this article. Because here we will discuss 7 types of delicious clams in Indonesia which are safe to be processed into fried clams, grilled clams, clam satay, or also clam soup.

So that you won’t be curious for too long, let’s immediately check the information below and make sure to read it to the end so you don’t miss a single piece of information according to taylorshastings.com.

1. Oyster Shells

This is one of the most famous types of shellfish. The shape of this shell is flat and tends to be chalky with a very hard rock-like texture on the shell. Oyster shells are low in energy but superior in other ingredients such as B12, vitamin A and calcium.

These shells are most often used as a basic ingredient in sauces in dishes commonly called oyster sauce. But if you prefer whole clam meat, then it can be processed into kale clam oysters.

2. Blood Clams

The distinctive feature of this clam is that it has reddish flesh, and its habitat is in muddy sand areas. This type of shellfish is the easiest to find in the market and most abundant in Southeast Asia and East Asia.

3. Scallops

There are also those who call this clam the name Serimping or Serumping, whose habitat is cosmopolitan sea waters. This type of shellfish is one of the safest to eat even when it’s still raw. The texture of the meat is dense and chewy with a flat shape like a hand fan.

4. Green Mussels

The flat but rather long shape is one of the characteristics of the green mussel. Uniquely, the color of this clam shell is green but the flesh is yellow. Padang sauce green mussels are said to be one of the most delicious recipes you know for preparing these clams.

5. Tiger Clams

As the name implies, the motifs and colors of the shells of these shells are very similar to those of tiger fur. There are also those who call it the tiger snail.

The areas where these shells are found the most in Indonesia are the South of Java and the North Coast. These clams are quite expensive, you know in the European region, because they are one of the luxury menus in upscale restaurants. It’s no wonder that many tiger clams from Indonesia are exported.

6. Bamboo Shells

This type of clam is the most unique and rare because of the shape of its shell which is like bamboo and is completely different from most clams which have a shell like a fan.

The waters of East Java, especially Madura, are said to be the only area in Indonesia that is the habitat of these clams. The flesh of this clam has a soft white texture with a shell the size of an adult’s thumb.

7. Feather Clams

This clam shell is shaped like a black fan but there are hairs on the surface of the shell. The color of the flesh is yellowish orange which is rich in B12, protein, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids.


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